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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage
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Remortgaging Your Home
Firstly what is a remortgage? A remortgage is where you are already living in your own home with or without a mortgage, and you seek to take a new mortgage secured on your home. You are not moving home but are borrowing money secured against your home.
Remortgaging is a very useful way of meeting a number of personal goals and objectives. It may be that you have no current existing or outstanding mortgage and are raising capital for another purpose such as to start a business, carry out home development work, or use as deposits to buy additional properties. You may have a mortgage and be looking at getting a better rate, increase/decrease your term or reduce your payments.
Remortgaging can, if done correctly, be a cost effective way to ensure you always stay on a competitive rate that is right for your situation. This ensures that throughout your mortgage you can keep your interest payments down to a minimum. We believe that nobody should have to pay more for their home than is necessary and we actively strive to keep you up to date and review your mortgage to be sure you are on the right deal for you.
Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage
Remortgaging Top Tips
We believe that nobody should have to pay more than is necessary, that is why we have an Initial FEE FREE consultation process to review your existing mortgage and see if we cannot find a better deal which better matches your circumstances.
Many lenders give headline promotional interest rates to attract new customers. If you think that Bank A needs to attract more customers from Bank B, one way they do this is by offering a more attractive rate of interest for things such as mortgages.
Promotional rates can be very good but they are generally only promotional for a limited period of time, after which the mortgage product often reverts back to the bank's standard variable rate of interest. By that time the bank has already acquired a new customer, they are then free to move their standard variable rate as they like in line with their business interests and making a profit. Great for the bank, not always so much for the customer.
It is therefore always a good idea to be mindful of your personal situation and to review it regularly to ensure that you are always on a competitive rate for you.
Since a mortgage is such a big event in our lives, and can often be a long process at first instance, people may have a tendancy to have a set-and-forget attitude. Once their mortgage is in place they don't ever change or review it unless they move or sell their home. 
Here at Syron Mainwaring we offer a pro-active mortgage service that means we don't wait for the market to turn or for rates to jump or dive. We build lasting relationships with our clients and work with them on an ongoing basis throughout their lives to ensure that they are always receiving the highest levels of support and advice that we can offer.
We review clients' situations and circumstances even before any promotion periods expire, so that when it does come to an end we are ready to advise our clients moving forward, whether we should switch them onto a better rate or look to change the lender, ensuring that they are never paying more than they need to.
The process or remortgaging is much quicker than the very first mortgage application. Since we have already built a relationship with the individual we will know much of the factual information and understand the circumstances. As it is a remortgage and you are not moving home, the process tends to be much quicker.
We carry out a review of your personal circumstances and note any changes, and do the same for the property offered as security. We then set to work and re-evaluate your current product against what else is on offer. We then will make a recommendation as to what is the right thing for you to do moving forward.
Even if you did your mortgage directly with the bank or through another broker previously we are happy to work with you and for you and give you the same high quality level of service and advice we give to our existing clients.
If you would like an Initial FEE FREE Remortgage Consultation, fill in the form near the top of this page and we will arrange a time to discuss with you as soon as possible.
Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage
Getting A Better Rate
A top tip for a remortgaging could help get you a much better rate. If your property has gone up in value over the years, you may be able to remortgage the property based on it's new value and borrowing the same amount as your current mortgage. 
For example if your home was worth £100,000 at the time of purchase and you took a mortgage of £90,000 this means you have taken a mortgage at 90% Loan to Value (LTV). 
If over time the value of your home has subsequently risen and is now valued at £130,000, assuming that the mortgage balance remains the same at £90,000, the increase of house price would mean a new mortgage has an LTV of 69% ((90,000/130,000)x100 = 69%)
A Loan to Value of 69% is better for a lender as their risk is reduced. They are lending a lower proportion of capital relative to the market value of the property which is a result of the additional equity caused from a rise in value of the property. A lower risk could mean a lower rate of interest. This could potentially enable a borrower to get a mortgage product that is more suited to their new personal circumstances which could in turn save them money.
Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage
Remortgaging Things To Remember
Speaking with Syron Mainwaring means you have access to a wide range of lenders including some of the biggest names on the highstreet. We do all the research and legwork after a review of your situation and then source you the right deal from among all of those lenders.
We can also offer network exclusive deals to our clients. This means you do not have to go door to door to check all the lenders and compare them to each other. We do that for you and make a recommendation based on our expertise.
Comparison sites will only compare information based on what you enter against the information provided by their panel of mortgage lenders. This is not mortgage advice and serves to illustrate what simply may be available. It does not mean that those mortgages are right for you. It is a good idea to get some professional advice before making such a big financial decision. These services do not offer advice and if you use them there is a chance you could get an unsuitable product. 
Since comparison sites do not offer advice, there is a chance of getting it wrong. If things do go wrong for whatever reason without getting advice, you would be on your own to sort out the problem. By choosing Syron Mainwaring as your broker we strive to always give the right advice after assessing your needs, we can then advise and recommend according to your personal circumstances. If anything were to go wrong in this scenario then we can help and support you along the way.
We have complaints procedures in place, you can if necessary take your case through the complaints procedure. If you are still not satisfied you can make your complaint to Openwork and then finally, if you are still not happy, to the financial ombudsman.
Sometimes a remortgage will make perfect financial sense and you could save money on interest payments, this is because there may be a lower initial interest rate available. There are times when a remortgage will not save you money and so may not be appropriate. We need to understand all of the circumstances surrounding your enquiry to give advice and we will help you through this process.
If you are thinking about a Remortgage then get in touch and discuss with an adviser for an initial fee free consultation with no obligation.
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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage
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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage
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