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Our Fees
We offer an Initial FEE FREE Consultation with no obligation.

If we believe we can help you and you are happy to work with us we charge a total fee of £495 for our mortgage advice service. This is payable in two stages: £195 is payable upon full mortgage application, with the remaining £300 payable once the entire process is complete.

We have opted to structure our fees in this way for a number of reasons. You only pay the first part on full mortgage application. The reason for this is that by this stage we will have already spent a considerable amount of time working for you in finding you a suitable product and making our recommendation. If we go to full application, this also means that we have been successful in getting you up to a point where you are ready to make a full mortgage application (through DIP etc.). This £195 due on application also helps you to keep your upfront costs down in the purchase process, as we know there are many other costs to consider.

Most brokers will charge their full fee upfront on application, which is fine to do so, however if there are any delays or problems in the process, they have no incentive to prioritise your case and work to get it over the line as quickly as possible as they have will have already been paid.

The remainder £300 of our fee is then on the completion of your mortgage. We believe this gives us that extra incentive to provide efficient ongoing support and help you throughout the entire process of getting your mortgage right through to completion, not just at the application stage.

There are no refunds on our advice fee as you can understand, there has been considerable time and effort from our advisers to get you to the full application stage.

However, this being said if there are any problems throughout the process and for some unforeseen reason the application does not complete, then there are two advantages: firstly you haven't paid out the full amount upfront which would have meant no refund on the full amount of £495; secondly we will simply transfer the fee and work with you on another property or with other lenders and continue to work and seek alternatives and do our best to get you a mortgage.

Again this incentivises us to provide you with the right advice and quality to not only advise and recommend a mortgage product, but to help you throughout the process and get you into that new home and get the process completed efficiently.

This sets us apart from the majority of mortgage brokers who will take their non-refundable fee upfront.

It can be typically British to shy away and skip over the awkward discussions of 'fees'. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) stipulates that we should discuss and disclose our fees as soon as possible in the process of establishing a relationship together.

So here you have our fee structure a total of £495, split into two payments: £195 on application and £300 due on completion of your mortgage. If no mortgage ever completes then the £300 will never be payable.
Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage
What do you get for your fee?
You get our expert, regulated mortgage & protection advice and service tailored to your specific needs. We work with you to make sure you get the right advice and the right deal, saving clients time and effort on what is usually the biggest purchase and financial commitment in a person's life.

We will initially have our FEE FREE consultation where we will talk you through the process and our service. We will discuss your needs and circumstances and complete a Fact Find exercise which will give us the information to understand your situation and enable us to get started. Once we have all the necessary information we need we will begin working immediately on your case. 

We then will require standard documents i.e. ID, proof of address, income etc. for each applicant. We will tell you exactly what we require. Once we have received these documents, we can progress your case and begin our sourcing and research using our professional experience and expertise in researching the mortgage market finding you the right product.

We will seek to match your needs and requirements to the criteria of the lenders to find a perfect match. The result is the right mortgage and protection products recommended specifically for you. 

Once the lender is identified, we will discuss your case with them and make sure they are happy with the basic facts. We then complete the decision in principle form and submit it to the lender. If the lender accepts to lend on this information they will then issue an agreement in principle. 

This process can take many hours (and in some cases days) to complete, but by the end of the above stages, you will know there is a suitable lender and mortgage that matches your needs. Up until this point you have still not paid us anything for our time or service, as our fee is only due in part on FULL MORTGAGE APPLICATION. 

After this stage is complete and both yourself and the lender are happy to progress, then now we can move forward to 'full mortgage application'. Since we will already have all of your details and documents, we can submit this full application to the lender promptly. Following full submission of an application, the first part of our fee will now become due and we shall issue an invoice. This invoice will be issued immediately following a submission of a full application for our professional services and advice. 

Following the submission of the full application, we continue to liaise with agents, solicitors, lenders and yourself until the whole process is completed. You will have full access to us and our services during this time, although it is most likely you will hear from us more than we hear from you during this process. Once the mortgage has been completed the remainder of our fee will be payable. 

A typical case will take us around 20 hours worth of work to complete over a 4-6 week period. 

Remember you are our client and we work for you. However during the process we undoubtedly do some work for the lender also and they usually pay us a procuration fee for the work we do on their behalf in addition to the advice fee we charge our clients - A list of all lender procuration fees is available on request, however this will be fully disclosed in any mortgage illustration provided before DIP stage. 

We do not charge an additional advice fee for our protection and insurance advice as this comes as standard to our mortgage advice service and as our duty of care is to ensure you are advised correctly and adequately protected for all eventualities. Again we are paid by the insurers for the work we do on their behalf, this will be fully disclosed on any key facts documents before taking a product or policy. 

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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage
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Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage
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